Welcome to Go Chase Waterfalls! I'm Lucy, a 27 year old teacher from Australia currently living in London, trying to explore as much of the world as possible. When I travel I love to get outdoors - whether it be hiking a mountain, swimming under a waterfall or walking on a glacier. Anywhere out there with nature is my happy place. Read more...

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Within hours of landing in Spain, you’ll immediately feel relaxed – that’s just the Spanish way! While there you can explore the many incredible cities, indulge in tapas and sangria, be amazed by Gaudi’s architecture, climb mountains, relax on the beach….

El Salvador

Though sometimes considered unsafe, the locals will undoubtably make you feel at home in El Salvador. While there, you can learn to surf and eat endless pupusas!!


An incredibly huge country, you could spend months exploring the natural beauty of Brazil, including caves, waterfalls, fresh water lakes and of course beaches. Head to the Pantanal to fish for piranhas and experience the madness of Carnivale in Rio.


Japan is not only full of delicious sushi but also incredibly friendly locals. While there, get involved in the quirky culture and explore the pristine parks and gardens – ideal in spring when the cherry blossoms come out!


A huge country, with lots to see and do, Australia is a popular spot for coastal road trips and camping by the beach. See the famous sites such as Sydney Harbour Bridge and Uluru, get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

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