4 Activities to Keep you Busy In Montenegro’s Mountains

by | Aug 1, 2017

Recently, I posted about Hostel Hikers Den in Zabljak, saying that it was a must do for any outdoor lovers. Zabljak is just near Durmitor National Park, easily the most beautiful area of Montenegro. The area boasts a massive 48 peaks above 2000m and 18 glacial lakes. Give me mountains and lakes and I’m a happy girl! If only there were waterfalls too…

So, what should you do while you’re there?

The Lakes Walk

A gentle walk to start you off! Beginning and ending in the town of Zabljak, this walk will take around three or four hours, at a leisurely pace.  It’s mostly flat and incredibly picturesque. You’ll walk by two different lakes, the standout being Black Lake – which is ironically bright green. To make a day out of it, take a picnic lunch and pack your bathers for a swim.

The Peak Hike

To start this hike, you’ll need to get a taxi to Sedlo Pass, about 15 minutes from Zabljak. Unfortunately there are no buses, so unless you have your own car, you’ll be hitchhiking back. This six hour hike winds through the mountains of Durmitor, giving you absolutely incredible views all the way until you reach Bobotov Kuk, the highest peak in the country, reaching 2532m above sea level. It is a difficult hike, but achieveable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. At times the path is narrow with a big drop off, so there are ropes to help you along – particularly at the end where it’s pretty much rock climbing!

The Ice Cave Hike

A difficult hike but a wonderful reward at the top. To get to this ice cave you have to walk consistently uphill for about four hours. The first part is through the forest, but when it eventually opens up you get some nice mountainous views, including Bobotov Kuk in the distance. Entry into the ice cave is slippery and steep. My only advice is take it slow – which I did, but somehow I still ended up on my bum! The path loops around, meaning you get some new scenery on the way down. All up this hike took me eight hours, starting and ending in Zabljak.

Views of the Tara River Canyon

Europe’s second deepest canyon (though, this is a questionable title) can be admired from many viewpoints. Two common spots are the viewpoint at Curevac and the Tara Bridge. From Zabljak, both spots are a short drive. Curevac offers endless mountain views and a nice bench to perch yourself on. The Tara Bridge is a sight in itself and while you’re there you can zipline across the canyon for just 10 euros!

If ALL of this isn’t enough to keep you busy, there are a variety of tours available in the area including canyoning and rafting.


Some tips:

-Stay at Hostel Hikers Den

-Download the Maps.Me app and use their offline maps to ensure you don’t get lost!

-If you’re hanging around the area for a while, consider buying a multi-day ticket to the national park. Each day costs €3, but you can get a 3-day pass for €6 or a weekly pass for €12. You’ll need a ticket for all the activities listed above except for the Tara Bridge.

-Pack warm clothes for the evenings.