6 Reasons Why I Love Slovenia

by | Aug 28, 2017

In the eleven days that I spent in Slovenia, it quickly became one of my all-time favourite countries. I’m a sucker for outdoor adventures, so the mountainous landscape and beautiful lakes drew me in. But it turns out there’s even more to love about Slovenia… 

1.       It’s ridiculously beautiful

Honestly, it’s like someone brought a fairy-tale to life. I’ve never seen a river as green as the Soca River, or a lake as picturesque as Lake Bled. There are ample waterfalls to chase and many a gorge to wander through. I could spend months hiking and exploring the stunning landscapes on offer. 

2.       The people are lovely

Every Slovenian I met welcomed me with a smile. They’re proud of their country in a sweet, humble way. They know how lucky they are to have this stunning landscape, and they love sharing it with visitors. Often when staying in Bovec and exploring Triglav National Park, I’d hitchhike my way around. Every time, it was a local who picked me up. One old man didn’t speak any English but still made an effort to be friendly and welcoming. He smiled as he sang along to the radio and offered my friend a pair of sunglasses when he saw her squinting into the sun. 

3.       Everything is close

It’s a small country, so nothing is ever too far away. The longest bus I took, which went all the way through the mountains and essentially half way through the country, took about four hours. If you lived in Slovenia, you’d have an endless variety of options for weekend trips or short holidays. (Yes, I’m tempted to live here one day!)

4.       There’s so much going on

Everywhere I went in Slovenia, there seemed to be different events on. In Bled there was swing dancing festival, in Bovec a local music festival and in Kranjska Gora a film festival. Ljubljana seemed to have a whole lot of things going on – including multiple free outdoor libraries, a couple of food markets, and live jazz in the old town square. Always something cultural to take part in. 

5.       It has a quirky capital

If I’m honest, I’m not really into cities. When I travel, I prefer be outdoors enjoying the nature. But Ljubljana is such a lovely little city. There are tons of independent shops and cafes, each offering something unique. This is becoming a rarity in Europe, with shops like H&M and Zara filling the streets. And for a small city, it’s certainly lively. When you sit up at the castle at sunset, you can see and hear a huge array of fun times taking place around the city. 

6.       It’s affordable

I’ve often heard that Slovenia is the cheap version of Austria or Switzerland: all the beauty without the price tag. An average meal will cost less than €8, as low as €2 for street food and a hostel is less than €20. Most of the things you’ll want to see in Slovenia won’t actually cost you anything. There are lakes and rivers and waterfalls just waiting to be explored, without any price tag. Some gorges and protected areas will require a ticket, but generally no more than €5. Lake Bled is perhaps the exception to this rule. The booming tourism in Bled has led to rising prices. Meals are closer to €10-15 and hostels around €25-30 in the summer. I’m hoping and praying that it won’t become a trend for the whole country.

I hope this encourages you to put Slovenia on your to do list.

If you know of any spots in Slovenia that I missed, feel free to comment below – I’d love an excuse to go back!!