About Me

Lucy Fyffe

My name is Lucy Fyffe and I’m a 28 year old Australian on a mission to explore the world.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Which is really far away from everywhere. To go overseas, I had to fly at least three hours. And that only got me to New Zealand. Anywhere else was seven hours or more. This meant that most of my travels were extended backpacking adventures. If you’re going to go overseas, make the most of it, right?! By the age of 25 I had done three big trips that were each longer than six months. Sometimes my trips involved study or work or volunteering, but every trip always included extensive backpacking – often solo.

After all of that, I decided it was time to move to London! Partly, this was because I just love London, but it was also to widen my travel opportunities. Working in London as a teacher allows me to take shorter trips, more often. Since arriving in June 2016 I have traveled to many European countries. I am also very aware of how much closer I now am to Africa and the Americas – so there are many many places on my to do list at the moment!

When I travel, I generally travel solo. But not always. There are some places that I think are better if you travel with others – for example if you specifically want to do a roadtrip, having a few mates will cut the cost and make the drives more enjoyable. That being said, my preferred style of travel is solo. You meet more people, you become more flexible, more open to different opportunities and you therefore end up doing a whole bunch of cool stuff you may never have done otherwise.

So far, I’ve traveled to 52 countries across 5 continents.

My Favourite Countries


Within hours of landing in Spain, you’ll immediately feel relaxed – that’s just the Spanish way! While there you can explore the many incredible cities, indulge in tapas and sangria, be amazed by Gaudi’s architecture, climb mountains, relax on the beach….

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Iceland is easily one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth – an outdoor lover’s dream! You can check out waterfalls, glaciers and canyons and if you’re lucky maybe even see the northern lights!

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An ideal place to learn Spanish and mingle with the locals, Guatemala is also a beautiful and diverse country, with jungles, black sand beaches, volcanoes, colourful markets, and a stunning volcano-crater lake.

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My Recent Travels

A brief overview of my adventures in the last two years.

  • Week long trip to New Zealand
  • A few days on Australia‘s Fraser Island
  • Six months in Central America & South America
  • Extended stop overs in Tokyo and New York City
  • One month in Vietnam
  • Weekend trips around England
  • Two months in Spain, doing workaway and backpacking
  • Eleven days roadtripping Iceland
  • One month exploring Croatia, Hungary and Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Short trip to Germany to experience the Christmas markets in Cologne
  • One week road trip around Wales
  • Copenhagen weekend getaway
  • A few days in northern Finland, checking out Lapland
  • St Patrick’s Day weekend in Dublin
  • More workaway and backpacking in Spain over Easter
  • A couple of days exploring Spain‘s Costa Brava
  • Long weekend in Munich
  • A friend’s wedding and some island hopping in Greece over the summer
  • A week and a half in Montenegro, hiking the mountains and checking out the coast
  • A week and a half in Slovenia, enjoying the natural beauty
  • Two and a half weeks all around Turkey
  • A few nights in Bucharest, Romania
  • A weekend trip to Portugal for an Indian wedding in September
  • Two week adventure around Norway for Christmas
  • A quick visit to Melbourne (home) in January for yet another wedding

Upcoming adventures:

  • A weekend in Munich and a week in Austria for some skiing and a music festival.
  • Hopefully lots of summer adventures around Europe – and maybe even a little trip to Africa!

If you have any tips for these areas, please contact me.