Asia is a popular spot for backpackers on a tight budget. South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia etc) is a very very cheap area to travel however further north, such as Japan, can be a lot more expensive.

Asia great place to immerse yourself in many different cultures and try all kinds of weird and wacky foods. The many budget airlines around Asia make it very cheap and easy to get between countries.

When planning your trip to Asia, check the climate in case of wet season. I went to Thailand once in the wet season and while we had some great weather, we also had a lot of rainy afternoons spent in hotel rooms, watching movies. It doesn’t necessarily rain all the time, but when it rains, it pours – ruining your chances of many fun outdoor activities.


Japan is not only full of delicious sushi but also incredibly friendly locals. While there, get involved in the quirky culture and explore the pristine parks and gardens – ideal in spring when the cherry blossoms come out!

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Vietnam is a hugely diverse country with busting cities, beautiful coastal areas, many mountains to hike and many caves to explore. Often backpackers choose to go through Vietnam on a motorbike, allowing you the freedom to stop of wherever you like while passing some stunning scenery.

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Coming soon: India, Thailand & Cambodia


Other countries I have visited but am not writing guides for include Hong Kong and Singapore. For any information on these countries, please contact me with your queries.

Countries on my to do list include: Indonesia, northern Thailand, Laos, more of Cambodia & Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka.

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