Author: Lucy Fyffe

Hiking in Norway’s Blue Light

Hiking in the dark is certainly not something that’s appealed to me before, but when you’re traveling around Northern Norway, where the sun doesn’t rise between late November and mid-January, it’s a hike in the darkness or no hike at all. When I say the sun doesn’t rise, what I really mean is that it doesn’t pass the horizon. It comes just close enough to the horizon to light the sky up with what’s called ‘blue light’ for 3-4 hours a day. So, not total darkness – at least, not all the time. The blue light of Norway’s winter...

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Hiking in Winter Wonderland, Norway

Far and away, this was the most beautiful spot in Norway and up there as one of the most stunning walks I’ve ever done. Starting at Trolla, just outside of Trondheim, we rugged up in warm clothes, scarves, beanies, gloves and most importantly – spikes for our shoes! We began hiking in the blue light of the morning – although it was about 9:15am, the sun had not yet come out to play. The path was covered in snow, as were the trees. Before long, we were treated to a glorious sunrise that would go on just about all...

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Christmas in Bergen: Not So White

We were drawn to the idea of spending Christmas in Bergen because a quick google search led us to believe that there would be lots of Christmas festivities happening and plenty of snow to play around in. Not entirely true, it seems. For the few days that we were in Bergen before Christmas, it rained and rained and rained. There wasn’t even any sign of snow on the ground, presumably because the rain had washed it away. Luckily, we spent the time doing day trips around south west Norway, finding ourselves in several snowy places – admiring the ridiculously...

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Falls and Fjords: Exploring South West Norway

The start of our trip to Norway was slow, to say the least – mostly due to poor planning. What could’ve been a quick and easy 2-hour flight from London to Oslo turned into a 6 hour journey with a layover that just kept getting longer. Once we were finally in Oslo, we got a decent nights sleep and hopped on a bus to Bergen. Originally, the plan was to get the train to Bergen – known to be one of the most scenic trains in the world. But it was all booked out! Oops! So instead, we had...

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Three Reasons to Go to Munich – Other Than Oktoberfest

When you think of Munich, (or perhaps even Germany in general) you inevitably think of Oktoberfest. So…is that all there is to Munich? Absolutely not. In my three short days there in May, I fell in love with this little Bavarian city, and I’m pretty sure you will too. Here’s why: 1. The parks are ace I’m a big lover of the outdoors, so parks are inevitably where I spend a lot of my time when I travel to a new city. Munich’s Englischer Garten might just be the coolest park ever. So many activitiiiieees! When you first approach...

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