Author: Lucy Fyffe

Road Trippin’ Around Wales

Croeso i Gymru! Welcome to Wales –  the most beautiful and road trip-worthy part of the UK. As if the ridiculously stunning landscape isn’t enough to entice you, the locals are friendly and the prices are about a low as you’ll find in the UK. Despite visiting in December-January when it should’ve been rather bleak and miserable, my sister, Katie, and I were treated to blue skies almost all week long. CARDIFF We arrived into Cardiff early in the morning, and as we walked (or I RAN, busting to pee..) through Bute Park on our way to the...

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Beautiful Hikes Close to London

London’s great; it’s diverse, lively and hectic. Most of the time, that’s what I love about this city. But it’s also the thing I hate about it. Sometimes it exhausts me and I just need to get away from the chaos for a bit. Of course, there’s an endless list of places you could go for a weekend getaway around Europe. But what’s often overlooked is that there’s plenty to do in the UK too. If you’re a little bit organised and book your train a few weeks in advance, it’s not too expensive either. When I want to...

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Hiking in the Peak District

Where better to spend a couple of days in my autumn half term than the beautiful Peak District? Known for its abundance of walking trails and breath-taking views, it sounded like exactly my kind of escape from the city. My intention was to stay in Edale, but I was a wee bit disorganised with booking and there was no accommodation left in town. Instead I got the train in and out of Edale, but stayed in Castleton, just 5km south. DAY ONE Edale to Castleton via Mam Tor After the three and a half hour journey from London, I...

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A Disastrous Day Trip to Dracula’s Castle, Romania

I decided to spend a few days in Bucharest, Romania, because it made the journey from Istanbul back to London much cheaper. I went there with no expectations and after spending a few hours in Bucharest, I had already decided it was dull. The walking tour I went on was so uninteresting that I didn’t even hang around til the end. (Alright, so I found a couple of pretty spots, but trust me – overall, it’s dull!) Pondering how to fill the next two days there, I decided a day trip was desperately needed. And what better day trip...

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