Casa de Olas Hostel, Nicaragua

by | Dec 21, 2016

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.


This hostel is a stand out. I’ve never stayed anywhere quite like it.

Sitting atop a hill a few kilometres outside of town, the inifity pool provides unbeatable views of the coast where you can sip on a cerveza or a Flor de Cana all day long. However, it’s amazing location is also one of its only drawbacks. Being out of town means that you can’t just go for a stroll whenever you please or pop down to the supermarket for snacks. You have to get a shuttle bus into town, which the hostel runs once every two hours.

The dorm rooms and all facilities are clean and modern. Cooked breakfast (eggs or pancakes) is provided every morning and a reasonably priced dinner on offer every night. As well as the infinity pool, they have a lively bar and a pool table. The staff are what really make this hostel a stand out, though. They create a fun and relaxed atmosphere every day of the week.

If you’re in town for Sunday Funday this is without a doubt the place to stay. The morning at Casa de Olas will be the highlight of your day. You’ll start the day with a drink before you’ve even had breakfast, then play endless drinking games, maybe even in the pool. Excellent organised fun!

At US$15 a night, it is one of the priciest hostels in Nicaragua, but as you’ve already read, it’s somewhat justified. Try to arrive on a Thursday or Friday at the latest to ensure a spot for the weekend. By Saturday it’s pretty much always booked up!