Lost & Found Hostel, Panama

by | Dec 31, 2016

La Fortuna Jungle, Panama


Lost & Found is without a doubt my favourite hostel in Panama. In fact, it’s one of my favourite hostels in the whole world! You just won’t find anywhere else quite like it.

To get there, you’ll need to get a bus into the mountains. You’ll get off the bus, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and climb steeply uphill. Along the way, you’ll see many signs of encouragement and even a bench to rest on, but it will be well worth the effort, once you reach this hostel surrounded by jungle.

The staff are friendly, the bar is lively, the views are amazing and the vibe throughout the hostel is very chilled out. There is a well-equipped kitchen to cook your meals in, or the hostel offers a ‘family dinner’ each night, both cheap and delicious.

There are countless outdoor activties on offer neaby, including canyons and waterfalls. However, the highlight for me was the Treasure Hunt that starts and ends at the hostel – where simple clues lead you around the jungle, to viewpoints, rivers, rapids, waterfalls and caves. If you manage to solve the very last riddle, you’ll be rewarded with a free drink at the bar that night!

I cannot wait to revisit this place one day!