Australia Pacific

The natural beauties of Australia and New Zealand are a must for any keen traveller! There are also heaps of stunning islands to explore in the South Pacific.

Probably one of the most expensive regions of the world, be prepared to have a laaarge budget when travelling around Australia and New Zealand. Both countries have decent tourist bus systems (depending where you want to go) but neither is well equipped with trains. It’s popular in both countries to hire a car and do a road trip. This is common because it gives you the freedom to stop off wherever you like – but is only cost effective if you have a few mates to split the cost with. Many backpackers choose to get a ‘working holiday’ visa, so they can earn some money along the way to fund their travels.


A huge country, with lots to see and do, Australia is a popular spot for coastal road trips and camping by the beach. See the famous sites such as Sydney Harbour Bridge and Uluru, get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

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New Zealand

World renowned for being an incredibly beautiful country, New Zealand is an outdoor-lovers dream. You can climb mountains, find perfectly reflective lakes, gaze at impressive glaciers, see whales splashing about and get your thrills by sky diving or bungee jumping.

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