Author: Lucy Fyffe

A Disastrous Day Trip to Dracula’s Castle, Romania

I decided to spend a few days in Bucharest, Romania, because it made the journey from Istanbul back to London much cheaper. I went there with no expectations and after spending a few hours in Bucharest, I had already decided it was dull. The walking tour I went on was so uninteresting that I didn’t even hang around til the end. (Alright, so I found a couple of pretty spots, but trust me – overall, it’s dull!) Pondering how to fill the next two days there, I decided a day trip was desperately needed. And what better day trip...

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Top Ten Things to do in Turkey

Hopefully, when you think of Turkey, you think of a beautiful and diverse country with lots to see and do. Unfortunately, this is not the image that the media conveys to us. The media will have you believe that Turkey is unsafe for travellers, female travellers in particular. And while we can’t ignore that there’s some political unrest – and yes, there is a chance that trouble will arise again – I always felt safe in Turkey. People were friendly, and generally went out of their way to ensure I enjoyed my time in their country. So… If you...

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Turkey in Two Weeks: The Itinerary

Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to get a taste of Turkey – although, you could spend many months there discovering new places, I’m sure. Below is a map showing where I went during my two weeks in Turkey. I started and ended in Istanbul, spending one or two days in each place with the exceptions of: 4 days in Istanbul and 3 in Cappadocia & Fethiye. Click on the markers to get more info about each place.   Get Directions For Driving Walking Transit Bicycling   show options hide options Avoid Tolls Avoid Highways Avoid Ferries...

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The Ins and Outs of a Turkish Bath

On a particularly lazy day in Istanbul, I decided it was time to try a Turkish Bath. To be totally honest, I had no idea what I was in for. I’d seen pictures of people in bath robes, looking relaxed, and that was enough to convince me. I asked my hostel for a recommendation and just a few hours later I was off to be bathed. After undressing and putting on a light towel, I was shown into the hot stone bathing area. At the time, it was only me and one other young guy in there. Both being...

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