An Awesome Boat Trip from Fethiye

by | Sep 14, 2017

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach to relax on in Turkey, look no further than Fethiye. This charming little harbour town is close to many nature reserves, valleys and islands as well as beaches.

While in Fethiye, I highly recommend doing a boat tour. There are many options for boat trips, but I wanted to make sure my boat trip included Butterfly Valley and St Nicholas Island. Another common route is to the ‘Twelve Islands.’

Here are the key stops my boat tour included:

Olu Deniz

Technically speaking, this isn’t a stop on the tour, it’s the start and end point. But it’s a ridiculously stunning beach, so it deserves a mention. They call it the Blue Lagoon…and you can tell why! This is a popular spot for paragliding, so while you’re there you’ll see an endless stream of them landing just behind the beach. I didn’t do it myself, but I imagine the views are pretty wicked.

Butterfly Valley

Allegedly home to various butterfly species (though, I didn’t see a single one) this stop is one for the nature lovers. The beautiful valley is closed in by towering rocks, with a lush green forested area and a little sandy beach. Walking through the forest is fairly peaceful, despite the large crowds. Apparently, there is a waterfall hidden somewhere in the valley. Unfortunately, we only stopped for about 40 minutes. Twenty-five minutes into my exploring, I was still walking towards the waterfall and the walk was beginning to turn into a bit more of a rock-climb; something I would’ve loved if I’d had more time, but I was quite keen to make it back to the boat before it took off for the rest of the tour! In the end, I didn’t have time to find the waterfall (which, by all accounts, is not that big or impressive) I did however really enjoy the little walk I had.

In retrospect, I’d have loved more time in the Butterfly Valley. While it’s not really accessible by road, you can easily hop on a boat from Olu Deniz to Butterfly Valley and spend the day there, getting another boat back in the afternoon. Or, you can stay overnight and camp right by the beach. Just be aware that this a very popular spot. On top of the campers, I imagine there is a regular stream of boats coming in and out all day, so while I think it’s worth checking out for the beautiful scenery, it’s not a quiet getaway by any means. Apparently, the nearby Kabak Beach is the less-touristy version.

Aquarium Bay

This stunning little spot was our lunch stop. After eating, we hopped off for a swim and I clambered around on the rocks, getting some great views of the area. Despite the name ‘Aquarium Bay’ I didn’t spot many fish here.

St Nicholas Island

A church (or what remains of it) sits atop this island, dedicated to Saint Nicholas. However, our boat pulled up on the far side of the island, not really giving me enough time to scramble over the peak and down to the church, just over the other side. However, fear not. There was still time for a little wander upwards to take in some nice views. As ever, the beautiful blue water will tempt you in for a swim. There are also lots of little speed boats in the area offering water sports at a ridiculously cheap rate!

Cold Bay

This was probably my least favourite stop. The concept is cool, but there was just far too many people to enjoy it properly. Basically, there’s a tiny little rock pool that is naturally filled with very, very chilly water. As you swim towards it, the water gets gradually colder. And then, once you’re there, you can squeeze into the teeny tiny rock pool, getting cosy with the dozens of others vying for a spot.

Camel Beach

Another beautiful beach for the last stop of the day. Huge rock formations surround this cute little black sand beach, with its incredibly blue water. Ideal for swimming, sun bathing or to just relax and admire the gorgeous scenery.

The cheapest and easiest way to do a boat trip including these stops is to get yourself to Olu Deniz, a twenty-minute bus ride from Fethiye. If you arrive there before about 10:30am you’ll be able to find a boat tour to hop on, no advance booking required. My boat cost 50TL (12 euros) including lunch – a ridiculous bargain.


More information about what to do in Fethiye is coming soon!