Chasing Waterfalls in Turkey

by | Sep 10, 2017

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good waterfall. I’d go so far as to say that waterfalls are my favourite ‘thing’ in the world. There’s just something mesmerising about falling water. I can’t explain it!

Sadly, I only got to chase one waterfall in Turkey.

I did a bit of research and found that there are plenty of waterfalls dotted all over the country, but most of them were either too far away to justify the trip, or quite difficult to get to without a car. However, the one waterfall I did see was a pretty impressive one!

Just 10km north of Antalya, this waterfall is easily reachable by bus. The bus drops you off right outside the entrance to waterfall park, where you’ll pay a small entrance fee and then walk down towards the river.

First, you’ll find a small waterfall, part way along the fast-flowing river. Quite pretty.

Then further along you’ll find the big one! Walking along the boardwalk, you’ll get a lovely spray from the falls to cool you down.

You can admire this beauty from many angles.

The boardwalk:

From behind (yes, there are little caves behind, so you can walk behind the falls):

And from the upper walkway:

Duden Waterfall is an incredibly popular spot with both local and foreign visitors, so don’t go there expecting serenity or a peaceful little picnic.

The other thing that is a little disappointing (okay, a lot disappointing) that I didn’t realise until we were there, is that it’s not natural. There’s huge great pipes coming out of the water, feeding back up into the top of the falls.

But…it’s still pretty.

I did also attempt to chase a waterfall in Butterfly Valley, near Fethiye… But more on that over here.