Europe is a popular spot for first-time backpackers because it’s generally deemed as very safe and there’s HEAPS to do. The real beauty is that there’s so many different countries to explore and different cultures to indulge in within such close reach. You could have breakfast in Germany, lunch in France and dinner in Spain. Conveniently, you can also do this all in one currency! Many countries around Europe are on the Euro – it’s mostly Eastern European countries that are not.

It’s easy to get around Europe in a variety of ways. Flying is made very cheap by all the budget airlines and is often the quickest way. If you’ve got time and want to save money, a bus is probably the best option – particularly if it’s a short distance. However, trains are often the most popular way to travel because they’re quicker than buses, but still have the convenience of going to and from the city centres. You might also get to check out a bit of scenery on the way!

Your budget in Europe will hugely depend on where you go – though on the whole it’s definitely an expensive area. Eastern Europe and countries like Spain and Portugal are by far the cheapest places to go.


Within hours of landing in Spain, you’ll immediately feel relaxed – that’s just the Spanish way! While there you can explore the many incredible cities, indulge in tapas and sangria, be amazed by Gaudi’s architecture, climb mountains, relax on the beach….


It might be a small country, but there’s plenty of natural beauty to be explored in Wales. Hike up Mt Snowdon and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, then check out some of the UK’s best beaches on the south coast, stopping at many castles along the way!


An easy starting point for many non-European travellers, England is famous for its thriving capital city, but be sure to also venture out into the countryside too. You can unfold the mysteries of Stonehenge and visit set locations from the Harry Potter films.


Lapland, in Finland’s north, is an ideal spot to relax in winter wonderland, ride with huskies through the snow and hopefully catch the northern lights.


Discover the diveristy of colourful Copenhagen, perfect for a weekend getaway for those living in Europe.


Croatia is famous for its picture-perfect islands, crystal clear waters, fascinating history and traditional old towns. It’s an ideal spot for a summer holiday full of island hopping, sailing, hiking and waterfall gazing.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

A tiny country with plenty to explore, Bosnia & Herzegovina was horrifically impacted by the Yugoslavian war. As well as learning about the history, you can jump (or watch others jump) from Mostar’s famous bridge and check out waterfalls equally impressive as those in Croatia, but a whooole lot cheaper.


Budapest is one of Europe’s most diverse and interesting capital cities, filled with fascinating war history, thermal baths, incredible architecture and unique ‘ruin bars’ – the Hungarian way of making use of old, war-torn buildings.


Everywhere you go around Germany, you’ll find fascinating history – often linked to WW2. This stunning country is filled with castles and other amazing architecture. And of course, Germany is most famous for its beer!


Iceland is easily one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth – an outdoor lover’s dream! You can check out waterfalls, glaciers and canyons and if you’re lucky maybe even see the northern lights!

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Lucy Fyffe

A 27 year old teacher from Melbourne currently living in London, trying to explore as much of the world as possible!