Hiking in Winter Wonderland, Norway

by | Jan 6, 2018

Far and away, this was the most beautiful spot in Norway and up there as one of the most stunning walks I’ve ever done. Starting at Trolla, just outside of Trondheim, we rugged up in warm clothes, scarves, beanies, gloves and most importantly – spikes for our shoes! We began hiking in the blue light of the morning – although it was about 9:15am, the sun had not yet come out to play. The path was covered in snow, as were the trees.

Before long, we were treated to a glorious sunrise that would go on just about all morning. The sky flittered between shades of orange, purple and blue before settling on a vibrant pink.

Walking through the forest, surrounded by snow-covered trees with a pink sky for a backdrop…just…wow. Sometimes there aren’t words.

Every few steps, I stopped to admire the layers of snow on the trees – or to flick some snow off a branch at my fellow hikers. I can’t help it, I just love snow! I guess I never got much of a chance to play around in snow as a child, so I had to make up for lost time!

Before long, we made it to a huge frozen lake. Given that it was all covered in snow, if we’d not known better, we might have assumed it was a field or play area – anything could be under that big white expanse in amongst the dense forest. With that pink sky still rolling on, it was pretty magical. (A word I like to use whenever snow is involved!)

Hiking further uphill a little while, passing more enchanting snow-covered landscapes, we eventually reached St Olavs-Spranget viewpoint, which translates to ‘Olav’s Leap.’ While there, we were told several different possible stories of why it might be named so. One theory is that Olav the patron saint of Norway was able to jump between the mountain tops, and so the spot was named after him. Another story, slightly less romantic, is that a taxi driver named Olav drove off the cliff in a dramatic act of suicide. Regardless of the story, what a lovely view!

We passed by more beautiful snowy landscapes on our way back down to Trolla and got a quick bus tour of Trondheim as we drove back through the city.