At the top of each page, I’ve listed an ‘average cost per day’ – a budget. This is my budget. This is how much spent while traveling that country. The way I travel may not be the same as the way you travel. So here’s a little overview of where my money goes and a comparison on budgets for different countries.


Accommodation: I like to stay in hostels. Not the most dirty, disgusting, super cheap ones. The decent ones! The price will hugely vary depending on where you are, anything from US$3 a night to $US60 a night. You should also note that hostel prices are hiked up for special occasions, such as Carnivale in Rio or New Years Eve in any big city. Ways to save on accommodation: Try couch surfing. Also the more you travel, the more people you’ll meet from around the world – who you can hopefully stay with when you visit!

Food: When I eat out, I like to try the local food. This can range from street food to fancy restaurants – though is more often on the street food end of the scale. The best food is often the cheap stuff! Expensive food is sometimes (but not always) a tourist trap. Ways to save on food: Cook meals at your hostel and stick to authentic, cheap, street food.

Alcohol: I drink. I perhaps don’t drink as much as the average backpacker, but booze is certainly a factor in my budget. A couple of nights a week, generally.

Activities: I try to get the most out of everywhere I visit so I will pay for expensive activities if I think it’ll be a fun, unique experience. But I always hunt around for the best prices.

Travel: I try to find a balance between cost, comfort and convenience when choosing how to get from one destination to another. The mode of transport hugely depends on the distace being covered, but I am happy to rough it on a public bus to save some cash! Ways to save on travel: Get overnight buses – if you’re able to get a decent nights sleep, it wastes less time and essentially saves you a nights accommodation.


You can certainly travel for cheaper than I do. You can be more picky and choosy about your activities, you can restrict yourself to street food and cook more often, you can find cheaper hostels that are perhaps not as nice.


Super cheap destinations (Less than US$40 a day)

GuatemalaEl SalvadorNicaraguaPeruBolivia, Vietnam, Montenegro

Backpacker friendly destinations (US$40 – 70 a day)

BelizeCosta RicaPanamaWalesGermanySpainBosnia & HerzegovinaCroatiaHungary, Turkey, Slovenia

Pricey destinations (Upwards of US$70 a day)

BrazilArgentinaChileJapanAustraliaNew ZealandEnglandIcelandDenmarkFinland