Two Beautiful Lakes in Slovenia’s North

by | Aug 24, 2017

Kranjska Gora is not a common stop for backpackers, but more of a family holiday destination for locals. Slovenia doesn’t have much coastline, and the little bit that they have is more like rocks and cliffs than actual beaches. So instead of relaxing at the beach, they often head for the lakes.

When I passed through Kranjkska Gora and the nearby lakes on the bus, I knew it was somewhere I wanted to go. The lakes are obviously the main highlight, but the town itself is sweet too. Lots of local food is available and there seems to be plenty of events on too – when I was there, they had an international film festival.

Lake Jasna

The ten-minute walk from Kranjska Gora to Lake Jasna winds through the forest, just by the river. The huge lake is an incrediblly deep green colour. Walk all the way around the edge to take in the stunning views, and then find a spot to lay about in the sun. The water is chilly, but refreshing. Definitely worth a swim. If you want to get a bit more active, you can hire a stand-up paddle board or kayak. There’s a big platform that gives a lovely view, and an opportunity for the thrill-seekers to jump into the lake. I could spend days relaxing here!


About 5km out of town (ideal for a bike ride if you don’t fancy a long walk) the Zelenci nature reserve is home to various flora and fauna, its main attraction being the emerald lake. When you’re at the lake, make sure you head up to the viewing platform; the lake seems to be more reflective and therefore more picturesque from above.

You only need a day to see this beautiful area (or more, if you fancy lounging in the sun) but it’s definitely worth the trip.